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About Our Company


Highgrove Fine Foods is the result of a successful introduction of Highgrove Goose Fat in 2005. With celebrity chef endorsements and excellent service we saw a near sell out of goose Fat to Butcher’s Shops, Delis and Farmshops.

In 2006 we were often asked what else we could supply along side the goose fat, which lead us to source and develop a seasonal range of meal enhancing and meal accompaniment solutions 1st available for Christmas 2006. This year we have changed and added to the range to provide a diverse but growing list of fine foods.

Our aim is to sell a range of products under our own Highgrove brand, predominantly ingredients, along side a number of specialist foods from around the world, always keeping in mind who our customers are.

We pride ourselves in our service and understand the need to be able to deliver manageable quantities. Orders placed day 1 will be delivered within 48 hours and a minimum order of only 5 cases needed for free delivery.